“Mike is one of the most passionate and caring dudes I have ever met. He has dedicated his life to helping people and spreading a positive message to kids. The first time I heard him speak, I was blown away and it really impacted my own life. He really makes you think about what is truly important.”

Ryan Sheckler
Professional Skateboarder


“Mike recently visited our home office of TD Ameritrade in Omaha. I asked a question to Mike during his presentation, about how to best get involved, and Mike challenged me to visit the Francis House [homeless shelter] and bring my children with me. I could not have been more surprised at the impact this experience had on both me and my children. It provided a great opportunity for my children to gain understanding. Once we dropped off our box of supplies and chatted with a few of the men at the house, I quickly wanted to start planning our next visit and what we should bring to support them.  I am happy to say that this is becoming routine for us and something we plan to continue. . . . Mike also had a fantastic impact on a number of our associates. Yesterday, a number of our team members visited the Francis House Men’s Shelter and dropped off a number of bags including socks, hats, food and hygienic supplies. This was not a company led initiative; simply a group of individuals that were motivated by Mike.”

Chris Bohlsen
TD Ameritrade


“Mike Smith is one of those rare public speakers who combines a truly authentic voice with a genuinely great story. His story resonates with all types of people, his insights are deeply relatable and useful, and his delivery is fantastically engaging. Mike captures his audience, takes them on a personal journey of discovery and leaves us with a reinforced sense of can-do spirit and optimism. In doing so he bridges cultures, professional backgrounds and experience levels and unites the participants in the understanding that we can shape our own futures in powerful new ways.”

Pascal Finette
Managing Director, SU Labs
Interim VP Global and Entrepreneurship Chair, Singularity University

Previous: Google, Mozilla Corporation


"I have had the privilege to hear Mike speak to multiple youth groups across North America and honestly, I have never witnessed an individual have such an immediate and trusting connection with his audience. Mike's energy, candid message, compassion, and heart for others is unprecedented."

Chuck Mooty
CEO, Jostens

Administrators + Teachers

“. . . Some speakers are great talkers, but Mike inspires doing. Students genuinely want to make their world a better place after hearing his message. . . . His message is real and what resonates with the students is that it is doable. . . . [Mike] reached our students and will impact their lives for years to come.”

Jayne Ellspermann
President, National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP)


“I have no hesitation when I say [Mike] is the best motivational speaker I have heard in my 28 years in education. He has the innate ability to speak candidly, yet humorously to both students and adults. His message of ‘Finding Your Calvin,’ which is an anti-bullying message, has had a profound impact with our students and has improved the culture of our school tremendously. Additionally, I asked him to speak to our adults at a staff institute day surrounding our theme of ‘Legacy.’ Never in the recent history of Hononegah High School have we had staff begging to hear more, but we did with Mike. . . . The discussions after Mike left single-handedly got our staff reignited and excited about what they do on a daily basis.”

Kim Suedbeck
Assistant Superintendent, Hononegah High School


“Mike did a keynote address for our faculty when we returned to school following our holiday break. Our staff was so impressed with Mike and the powerful message he shared that we have scheduled him to return to our district in March to speak to students in each of our schools. . . . Whether he is addressing adults or students they will be able to connect with him. You will walk away from his presentation feeling challenged to be a better person. If you want to bring in a difference maker then Mike is an excellent choice.”

Matthew Fisher
Superintendent, Northwest Public Schools


“Mike presented a one-hour keynote address to a large group of teachers and he had us laughing and eating out of his hand! He was very approachable and easy to accommodate, and the theme of his presentation (do good/do service/be part of something greater) is spot-on with the trends in leadership education in our state. Mike also did a breakout session . . . to a packed/standing room only audience and again was very personable, informative, and endearing. His message is perfect for students — specifically for those marginalized students that I know we all hope to reach as educators.”

Kari Bradley
President, Washington Activity Coordinators Association (WACA)


“I knew immediately that [Mike] was someone unique and special. If you have a population that rolls their eyes at motivational speakers, I enthusiastically recommend Mike Smith. . . . [He] is a dynamic person that understands the youth of today. Many motivational speakers easily craft a message for the top 20% of the student body. Mike’s specialty is addressing the 20% of the student body that feels disenfranchised in school. . . . Students at Marysville-Pilchuck High School have already put in motion things they want to do for our school and community. . . . Mike wants to not just be a keynote. He wants to meet with students that have a 2.5 GPA and below, leadership students, teachers, and parents. . . . I endorse Mike Smith as a ‘coach’ for your kids.”

Andrew Frost
Principal, Marysville-Pilchuck High School


“I’ve been a principal for a long time and heard many speakers who have presented to students. The comments I heard from our students were the most positive I’ve ever had about a speaker. These were unsolicited comments as students sought me out in the days after the presentation to tell me that they enjoyed the speaker and wanted to have more speakers like Mike Smith. . . . Probably more impressive has been the reaction of students . . . [who] have stopped administrators and asked about starting projects to help make our school a friendlier and more inclusive place.  Again, these are student-initiated ideas because they want to make a difference.”

Mike Wortman
Principal, Lincoln High School


“Our students really felt connected to Mike and his story. His ability to be humble, admit his faults, and discuss the changes he has made in his life seemed to be realistic for our students. . . . I think the manner which Mike made himself available to students after his ‘big’ talk had the greatest impact. When he was able to meet with the smaller groups, he was able to connect with individuals. I felt like we almost had to drag kids away from him when their rotation was over.”

Michael Bylsma
Assistant Principal, Timbercrest Junior High School


“[Students’ reactions were] overwhelmingly positive. We had evaluation forms for students to fill out and Mike Smith was listed as their favorite part of the day on at least 75% of them. This looks good on paper but when you have average to low [performing] students quoting Mike a week after the event I know it was impactful. Later that week we had parent-teacher conferences and parents were seeking me out to thank me for inviting Mike.”

Wesley Caruso
Counselor, North Platte Public Schools


“Imagine your rebellious high school student that’s smoking weed on a consistent basis, along with your straight-A, varsity cheerleading captain, and throw in the awkward and unpopular student who’s confused about their sexuality. Interesting group to say the least, but even more interesting is they’re [all] huddled around Mike Smith talking to him and to each other! Mike did something that not very many public speakers do; he authenticated each of these students’ feelings and choices by telling his story.”

Amelia Holder
Youth Director, First Baptist Church


“. . . I have been coordinating assemblies at Sehome since 2003, and I have never heard so many students and staff talking about an assembly for so long after it happened. . . . I was really impressed with Mike’s ability to become a member of your school for the day; his message is about change, and to really understand and inspire students he has to become one of them for his time at the school. I have students talking about life goals, changes in themselves, changes in their community, and the changes they want to make in their relationships with other people in their lives that pre-assembly had never verbalized even one thought about anything beyond the immediate moment in time that they were living. Because Mike connected with them, on a very personal and real level, they have changed, and those changes have deeply impacted our school. It was the single best and most inspiring day that many students at Sehome have ever been a part of.”

Kevin Johnson
Teacher, Sehome High School


“Mike brought forth fantastic storytelling to engage students in his story of bullying, loving and hating. Mike’s charisma and ability to speak makes him the center of attention as soon as he walks into the room and the kids are immediately drawn to him. The way he teaches to kids to ‘love’ and not ‘hate’ really resonates with the students. By the time school was out on the day Mike came to speak, I had kids walking out the door repeating Mike’s message.”

Thomas Padgett
Teacher, Randolph School


“Listening to [Mike] made me want to go out and do something. I wanted to be something and make an impact, but I didn’t really know what to do or where to start. . . . I knew I wanted to make girls feel beautiful and loved and worth something. A little while ago, my friend Christine had put up sticky notes on a bathroom mirror telling girls that they are more than a number on a scale and that beauty isn’t only on the outside. The idea is called ‘Operation Beautiful.’ I decided that’s where I was going to start. I covered the mirrors and halls in notes, only to be stopped by an assistant principal. They told me I couldn’t do it. . . . Over the weekend, I made petitions and letters and by third hour, I got the attention of the principal and now we’re working out a way to make ‘Operation Beautiful’ a part of my school! [Mike] gave me the motivation to do this and I’m so glad! I didn’t think I’d be able to do it this fast or even at all! Everybody deserves to feel good about themselves and now I can make that a possibility!”



“I felt like Mike was talking right to me when he came to our school. He isn’t like any other motivational speakers I’ve heard, he actually knows what it’s like to be in high school.”



“Mike came to our school and talked to us about things that high school students are ACTUALLY struggling with. It was almost like he went to our high school.”



“Continue living life to the fullest and if you aren’t, then start. Open your eyes and see all the amazing possibilities that are right under your nose. Life is a struggle for everyone, so why not help who you can while you’re still able to? Thanks to Mike Smith, an amazing motivational speaker that came to my school, my eyes have been opened to even more possibilities!”



"[Mike] [honestly] . . . taught me more than what my parents have been telling me for the past 16 years. I thought this would just be a free day out of class but it was so much more than that. 'What do you want your legacy to be?' That question will forever cross my mind. . . . This is something I'll never forget."








"Every brand should strive to have an authentic connection with youth culture, but unfortunately, many brands fall short. Mike is that connection; he is that voice; his is the authentic message that has the ability to build brands, especially in the youth market. Philanthropically, Mike has helped expand our brand through our Beanies4Life (B4L) program, which he is the face of. Over the last two years, B4L has donated 75,000 beanies to our homeless shelter partners nationwide. Without Mike, this program would not be what it is today.”

Josh Sherman
President and Co-Founder, Yea.Nice


"Mike is one of the most motivational individuals you'll find. From the first day I met Mike, I knew Red Bull needed to be a part of his journey. He takes a simple idea or dream and is driven to not only cast a vision for others; he uses his resources to blow it out of the water. The partnership between Mike Smith and Red Bull was special. He showed everyone if you believe it and work for it, big things will happen."

Sarah Wagenfuhr
Field Marketing Specialist, Red Bull


"Working with Mike and doing the ‘Hot Dogs 4 Homeless’ campaign not only helped our organization rally behind a great cause, but also helped unify our employees and created a sense of pride throughout our business. Mike helped show GGI employees that it’s easy to give back and that changing the world starts on a local level. We are truly proud to call Mike a partner."

J.R. Galardi
Owner, Galardi Group Inc. (GGI)
President, Wienerschnitzel


“Mike is able to quickly understand business models and build strategies that result in authentic connections with the target market. He’s addicted to winning and applies that passion, along with his cutting-edge creativity and relentless energy, to solving business problems and building brands.”

Michael Wolf
Director, Jostens Renaissance Education


"[Mike] has come up with dozens of creative and meaningful ways for our brand to be incorporated into the good things he's doing."

Brent Camalich
CEO, Dude. be nice


“Mike Smith is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met in my life. He gives back not because it’s just something he feels he should do, it’s actually part of his being. No matter who he connects with, be it students, the homeless, business executives, etc., their life is better off after meeting and talking with him. He teaches and shows you how easy it is to have serving others be a value in your life. If we had more people like Mike in this world, it would definitely be a better place to be.”

Doug Koegeboehn
Chief Marketing Officer, Wienerschnitzel





"It is the goal of every marketing [department] to be able to link the consumer to the brand’s message, and ultimately result in new customers. Mike is that link. He not only speaks to consumers, but engages with them. He conducts himself in the manner that every brand dreams of for their ambassadors. He understands how to organically integrate a brand’s message into whatever he's speaking about without it seeming forced or [sounding] like an advertisement. . . . Mike Smith for the win!"

Danny Evans
VP Marketing, Ethika


“Partnering with Mike for our 'Neighborhood Assist' campaign was a natural fit with the community story we were telling. He has a strong message and has done a lot to help others around the country and in his community. Mike has an amazing way of connecting with his audience that resonates with them, feels very natural, and drives change.”

Matt Edwards
State Farm


"Mike has been an integral part of building the foundation for DUDE. be nice. His message and actions have brought our brand to life for thousands of kids. When it comes to brand ambassadors, I don't know anybody who will work harder for you to make sure you're well represented. It's more than just wearing our clothes to him . . ."

Brent Camalich
CEO, Dude. be nice


"Mike has been more than just an ambassador for Diecutstickers.com (DCS) - he has been an influencer. Aside from bringing knowledge of the specific demographic, he’s brought ideas that will make a direct impact within [our] immediate audience. . . . Being a thought leader and visionary, he has a rare skill set that allows him to think as if there is no box, and sparks ideas that may not be there for the average mind. Mike and I have shared multiple ventures together aside from him being an evangelist for DCS, like [our app] Rise & Grind, and Humans. Not Robots. Mike’s creative mind is unlike any I’ve ever seen and . . . [he has] an insane work ethic to make it happen. The best quality Mike has when helping a brand is [that] he gets fully invested and doesn’t stop working until the job is done."

Ejay O’Donnell
Vice President, Diecutstickers.com